Piluttas Singing Siren

gimus 2016 kovo 29


Lietuvos Jaunimo Čempionė (LT JCH)
Latvijos Jaunimos Čempionė (LV JCH) &

Lietuvos Čempionė (LT CH)
 daugkartinė BOB ir BIG laimėtoja

HD A, ED 0/0, Eyes CERF clear
JDCM, GM-1 clear by parents

 PRA-prcd carrier, EO PRA - clear. 


Ele is a special girl with very kind and stable character. She is friendly to all people and loves cuddles. It is difficult to stay indiferent to her. She is a natural retriever and also loves water too much - any bowl of water is a fair play for her  (I even don't mention the river or the Baltic sea close to us. We will have a very wet dog for sure :D)